The Wolf Is Coming – Wicklow Wolf Brewery – Amber Ale

The craft beer revolution continues abound in the Republic of Ireland, with what seems to be new breweries popping up every second. It’s nearly impossible to keep track. But what is interesting seeing where they end up being available and who they are distributed by.

Fourcorners have taken the wolf into their stable – which given the range in their portfolio this in itself is a huge compliment to the beers that are being produced. The team have an IPA, an Amber which i’m reviewing this evening, and a Kentucky Common Ale. They also have a wet hopped beer using their own hops and I look forward to trying this beer.

Firstly, can I just say I love the labelling – the silhouette of the wolf is great – and is a striking label that would make me pick it up off the shelf.

Ambers, in Ireland we are fortunate to have some great ambers available to us, but this is different – feels more earthy, made with citra hops which have that unmistakeable aroma, even if it is a little bit muted. But a lovely caramel malty sweetness. There is a nice slightly dry finish on the palette too. This beer weighs in at 4.8%. It has a really appealing colour to me with a lovely slightly off white head that lingers as you drink it.

As with most beers the complexion of flavour opens up when it warms up a bit.  

I picked this up in Probus Wines on Fenian St, and look forward to seeing and trying more of the range over the coming while. Thanks Paul for looking after me as always – see you soon.

Bo Bristle – Amber Ale – Hunt the Boar

Bo Bristle, from Banagher, Co Offaly are a great little brewery, recently at the ICBCF i’d supped their American Amber Ale, and was hooked. Lovely citrus notes, due to the american hops, and a lovely malty character. 

The problem was, up til now it was difficult to acquire the boar. Something which has recently changed, the lads in Bo Bristle informed me that they’ve got a deal where there will be in Marks and Spencer nationwide. Superb, this means that it should be much easier to get.

At a quaffable 4.5% has a lot of flavour, with a little bit of a dry finish. Get some now, for €2.99 per 500ml bottle, and currently M&S have a 6 for the price of 5 promotion on. Seems to shifting quite well as i’ve gone into Grafton St, and there is usually only a bottle or two left. 

Get the boar, while you can!! Hopefully M&S will pick up the rest of the range, and the soon to be debuted Pilsner, and Red Ale.