About Us / Get In Touch

Our blog is in existence since 2013, and we added a podcast shortly after. This is our journey down the rabbit hole of Independent, Small Batch, Craft, Beer!

We both work full time day jobs that are in no way related to the Beer Industry, this is purely a hobby for us.

Our main focus when we started this was to be the Craft Beer Scene in Ireland, and further afield. However it would be remiss of me not to include other areas we’re very interested in, especially food, going out and cooking. But, it’s also a platform for my wife and I to talk about things we really love.

We hope to share our experiences with our readers & listeners in a concise, no BS way. Obviously it is our opinion, and hopefully you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, and we always welcome any feedback, comments, and conversation.

To get in touch, our email address is irishbeersnob@gmail.com , on twitter @irishbeersnob & @MrsBeerSnob and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/irishbeersnob, and on Instagram @IrishBeerSnob and @Mrs_BeerSnob