Bo Bristle – Amber Ale – Hunt the Boar

Bo Bristle, from Banagher, Co Offaly are a great little brewery, recently at the ICBCF i’d supped their American Amber Ale, and was hooked. Lovely citrus notes, due to the american hops, and a lovely malty character. 

The problem was, up til now it was difficult to acquire the boar. Something which has recently changed, the lads in Bo Bristle informed me that they’ve got a deal where there will be in Marks and Spencer nationwide. Superb, this means that it should be much easier to get.

At a quaffable 4.5% has a lot of flavour, with a little bit of a dry finish. Get some now, for €2.99 per 500ml bottle, and currently M&S have a 6 for the price of 5 promotion on. Seems to shifting quite well as i’ve gone into Grafton St, and there is usually only a bottle or two left. 

Get the boar, while you can!! Hopefully M&S will pick up the rest of the range, and the soon to be debuted Pilsner, and Red Ale.