The Summer Series – Smyth’s on the Square Navan

This coming weekend, on Saturday 18th July – we are hosting the first of a summer trilogy of Beer Festivals in Smyth’s on the Square, Navan, Co Meath.

Those of you who were at our last event in Smyth’s in September 2014 know what to expect, but for those who haven’t here’s the gist of what to expect.

We are highlighting 4 Craft Breweries, and 1 Craft Cider Producer. We are delighted to be welcoming some new comers to our festival, and some returning producers. 

Who we have coming are 
  • Kentucky Ale (Kentucky USA) 
  • James Brown Brews (Ratoath, Co Meath)
  • 8 Degrees Brewing (Mitchelstown, Co Cork)
  • Brehon Brewhouse (Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan)
  • Dan Kelly’s Cider (Drogheda, Co Louth/Meath)
As if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, we will also be having BBQ food throughout the day, and live local musicians.

So come on down, to enjoy a nice relaxed atmosphere and enjoy some craft beer and cider. Get to chat to the producers directly and ask them any burning questions you may have had. 

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for details of competition to win tickets to this event.

We will be back in Smyth’s on the 15th August, and 19th September, with a different line up of producers.

Podcast Episode 6 – Mrs Beer Snob Takes Charge

So, we’ve decided to mix it up a bit with this episode, MrsBeerSnob has taken the reigns and hosted this episode entitled “2015 Off to a Flier”

In this episode we cover a few subjects, including handling some listeners questions.

We look back fondly to the #CrawlofDoom which Steve from Beer O’Clock Show hitup Dublin, for “Research” purposes. 

We do a live tasting as we go through these things of 

1: Reel Deel Brewing – Irish Blonde
2: 12 Acres Brewing – Pale Ale
3: Kinnegar – Black Bucket – Black Rye IPA

And took time to answer questions from our Listeners/Twitter Followers




// episode is up on Itunes, Stitcher Radio and the mp3 link is as follows;

Episode 6

Chocolate Brownies with Solas Irish Stout

I decided as part of my new year resolution to “drink more beers”, I should start cooking with them too. So to start off I chose an Irish stout. Now this is a style of beer I really only started to enjoy late into last year. I was never really a stout/porter fan. And as far as cooking goes, its not something I enjoy. Mostly because I’m not really that confident with flavours and different cooking techniques. I especically dont like being watched in the kitchen. If left to my own devices sometimes magic happens. Luckily for me though Wayne is the chef in this household, and an excellent one at that. 

The dish I made was of course double chocolate porter brownies. I first started baking these after I was gifted the book Sláinte, The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Cider. This recipe is so easy to follow and so much fun to bake. I’ve since made them a dozen times, using a different stout or porter.

So this time I’ve decided to bake them using Solas Irish Stout, which is available in Tesco. Brewed by Rye River Brewing Company which are based in Kildare, not too far away from me. Also the brewers of Mc Gargles and the new craft beer range of lager, stout and red ale stocked in Aldi.

On pouring a nice head develops, which I found to disappear a few minutes later. The smell is malty with a mild taste of chocolate and coffee that leaves a lovely bitter finish. For me I enjoyed it as it was light to drink, not thick and heavy like others. At 4.5 % it made me wanting more, but into the brownie mix it went.

I found this a really nice stout to bake with and enjoyed sampling the end result, some lovely gooey double chocolate brownies made with an Irish stout. If I’ve inspired you to try these yourself, let me know how it goes. I enjoy baking them so much and even bring some to events I attend. So watch out for me, always a Tupperware of brownies in my bag.

The Wolf Is Coming – Wicklow Wolf Brewery – Amber Ale

The craft beer revolution continues abound in the Republic of Ireland, with what seems to be new breweries popping up every second. It’s nearly impossible to keep track. But what is interesting seeing where they end up being available and who they are distributed by.

Fourcorners have taken the wolf into their stable – which given the range in their portfolio this in itself is a huge compliment to the beers that are being produced. The team have an IPA, an Amber which i’m reviewing this evening, and a Kentucky Common Ale. They also have a wet hopped beer using their own hops and I look forward to trying this beer.

Firstly, can I just say I love the labelling – the silhouette of the wolf is great – and is a striking label that would make me pick it up off the shelf.

Ambers, in Ireland we are fortunate to have some great ambers available to us, but this is different – feels more earthy, made with citra hops which have that unmistakeable aroma, even if it is a little bit muted. But a lovely caramel malty sweetness. There is a nice slightly dry finish on the palette too. This beer weighs in at 4.8%. It has a really appealing colour to me with a lovely slightly off white head that lingers as you drink it.

As with most beers the complexion of flavour opens up when it warms up a bit.  

I picked this up in Probus Wines on Fenian St, and look forward to seeing and trying more of the range over the coming while. Thanks Paul for looking after me as always – see you soon.

Music Festival, In a Brewery? It can only be the Le Cheile launch in Brú Brewery

Ok, in a world exclusive, Its not me doing this blog post, i’m handing over the reigns to the long suffering Mrs Irishbeersnob. Janice. 

Janice, over to you.

Sampling some craft beers

Ok, a little about me. For a long time i’ve enjoyed craft beers, and I am the one who created the Irish Beer Snob, no matter what he may tell you. My love for Timothy Taylor Landlord is famous the land over. My name is Janice, i’m a proud Dublin Beer Lady, member of Beoir, and tryer of craft beer. Its all a lot of fun, and i’m looking forward to featuring a bit more here, and hopefully in podcasts in the future. Now, i’m going to talk to you about the awesome night we had, well, I had cos poor Wayne was toiling away pulling pints for a thirsty music crowd, while I hung around with my partner in crime Carmel, supping those lovely Brú Beers.

Every August in Oldcastle, they hold a music festival called Le Cheile, this event was ran as a facebook competition for people to win entry to the brewery, and have a few beers while they were rocked by 3 local bands, all of whom will be playing at Le Cheile. I was lucky enough to be one of the forty winners.

It all kicked off at 8pm on a Friday evening and when we arrived the band were sound checking and it was still very bright out. As you’ll see from the pictures below. Famished after a day at work we went straight to Carmel from Copper and Spices for some yummy Chicken Curry with Pilau Rice. Curry and Beer, what a great combination. Now we had the curry, but not the beer. So out we went to get some Rí. Poor old Wayne couldn’t even finish the bowl before he was hooked in behind the bar to help out Neil.

There was a good crowd, but the atmosphere really took off when a bus load of music and beer lovers came down from Oldcastle. Once they got in, and were fed and watered, the bands kicked off. It was still quite bright out so Daire closed down the main loading door at the back of the brewery which made the brewing area dark, and perfect for the music that was going to come next. 

The first band was an acoustic duo called T4AA, they were perched up over looking the crowd strumming away as people continued to drink. It was notable a lot of these people wouldn’t be your typical craft beer drinkers. Most of them were Craft Beer Virgins! Lucky for them Wayne was waiting to eagerly convert each and every one of them. He even said how one lad said he’d never go back to Guinness after drinking the heavenly Brú Dubh. We all know my love of Brú is massive! 

The next band up were Travis Oaks, who were an original band, who played all their own material, and this was the group most of the crowd were here to see. They got them all worked up. Or was that the beer? Probably both. But they were rocking, and it’s a good thing that there was plenty of Copper and Spices Curry, and Samosa’s to go around. 

In fairness to Wayne, he never let my glass of Rua empty, its just delish, and it doesn’t get any better than served at the brewery.

Last up, then for the night were local covers band, No Halo, playing lots of familiar rock hits, kicking the crowd into overdrive. 

All in all, it was a great night, but, more importantly, it was very unique. 3 Bands, in a Brewery, with great curry. Where else would you get it? The organisers from Le Cheile and Brú should be commended for their imagination, and execution of a great event. 

Tickets for this great festival, are available for purchase at and several outlets in Meath. If you’ve no plans for the August Bank Holiday weekend you should check it out. Oh, and don’t worry about it being rubbish beer, the beers at the Festival will be Brú!


Now that i’ve wrestled the laptop away from Janice, as supping a lovely Blackstairs Ruby IPA, I just want to thank Janice for being so supporting with all my beery escapades, and to let you all know this will not be the last time Janice will be posting to my blog. Hopefully soon, you too will be able to listen to us waffle on in our very own podcast, once Ian teaches me how to do it!!

Thanks for reading, please share this with all your friends! Mrs Irish Beer Snob, has arrived.