Of Foam and Fury – Galway Bay Brewery

Mmm Double IPA Goodness in the Brewdock

Once in a while something comes along in life which smacks you in the choppers and announces its arrival. Makes you sit up and pay attention. This ladies and gentlemen, is the Double IPA that Ireland has been waiting for.

Galway Bay have been tweaking the recipes on their staple beers, namely the Full Sail Ale, and there hop forward NZ Voyager. Meet its bigger more aggressive brother. Of Foam and Fury.

It pours a nice foggy amber, a vibrant white head contrasts perfectly. The aroma was a lovely mix of sweet citrus, and just smelt so fresh. (Yankee Candle, can you make a scent like this) Its flavour I described as Bombastic on Twitter, make no mistake this is a Hop Monster, an 8.5% ABV monster, but its a refined monster, well balanced with the malt, the citric taste stays on and leaves a wonderful aftertaste.

Available in all Cottage Group bars in Dublin and Galway, I picked it up in Brewdock for a 2/3 pint @ €5.75. The good news is though, this bad boy will be following in bottles soon and i hope to pick up some for the festive period.

Well done lads, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 

They are also running a competition on twitter to win your mug on the side of the bottle, you tweet your review, just put your hashtag as #galwaybeer. 

My review was 

Refreshing aroma belies bombastic tropical hard hitting hops. Powerful full on flavour. Wimps need not apply.