#BigBeeryNight17 Auction Lots

To help us blast through our target above, we’ve been blown away by generous donations from a wide range of people, and breweries across the country. We will have the auction open for 24 hrs, from 9pm (GMT) Friday 17th. Each item will have a reserve and you can bid anything you want and the highest bidder will win the item. The auction for all lots will finish at 9pm exactly on Saturday the 18th. To win you will have to prove you’ve made your donation to the page.

The Rules;

To bid on an item, please tweet using both hashtags #BBNIE and #Swagx – eg if you want to bid on swag1, you would tweet Bid €25.00 #Swag1 #BBNIE

Please ensure you use the hashtags above as it means we can track all the bids.

  • Do not make your donation until we have confirmed you are the winner
  • Bids without the hashtag #BBNIE or #SwagX (x being lot number) are invalid, and don’t count

The winning bidder will be contacted shortly after 9pm on the Saturday to confirm they’ve won and to make their donation. Once done, tweet @IrishBeerSnob & @MrsBeerSnob that you’ve made your donation.

Please note that neither we or the Donors of these lots are making any profit from this auction, all donations will be going to Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland 


Swag1: Mixed case of Beer, and brewery tour from Cotton Ball Brewery in Cork. Reserve €20

Swag2: Mixed case of Beer from Sligo Brewers White Hag. Reserve €20

Swag3: Beer hamper with O’Haras merchandise from O’Haras Brewing. Reserve €20

Swag4: Boyne Brewhouse, selection of beers, with other beer goodies. Reserve €20

Swag5: A Galway Hooker Hoody from Galway Hooker. Reserve €15

Swag6: A mixed case of Beers from Metalman Brewing. Reserve €20

Swag7: A mixed case of Kelly’s Mountain Brew Beers. Reserve €20

Swag8: A mixed case of Kelly’s Mountain Brew Beers. Reserve €20

Swag9: Brewday in Urban Brewing in CHQ Dublin, with beer tasting, and dinner for 2 in Urban Brewing. Reserve €50

Swag10: A cellared bottle of 200 Fathoms, from Galway Bay Brewery, with a customised bottle opener from Bearded Man Ireland. Reserve €20

Swag11: A beer hamper from TheBeerClub.ie. Reserve €20

Swag12: 12 Bottle Sampler Pack from McGargles, with branded glassware. Reserve €20

Swag13: 12 Bottle Sampler Pack from McGargles, with branded glassware. Reserve €20

Swag14: Case of Two Sides Brewing 620 Pale Ale. Reserve €20

Swag15: 3 Course dinner for 2, in Dublin’s Best Gastro Pub. Reserve €20

Swag16: 12 Cans of Marooned by Dead Centre Brewing with various bits of merchandise. Reserve €20

Swag17: Case of a brand new Imperial Stout, with a framed Bone Machine IPA print from Whiplash. Reserve €20

Swag18: A signed copy of Melissa Cole’s book, Little Book of Craft Beer, with a bottle of her collab beer with North End Brewing in New Zealand. Reserve €20

Swag19: Mystery Box from Wexford’s finest, Yellowbelly. Reserve €20

Swag20: Paul’ll Paint It – a custom designed image by designer Paul Reck, you imagine it, he paints it (within reason). Reserve €20

Swag21: A Malt Room Date – an intimate dinner for 2 with Head Brewer of Yellow Belly Declan Nixon, in the cosy surrounds of the Yellow Bellow Malt Room. Reserve €50

Swag22: All round decent bloke John Coote, of JCIT is donating his professional services (IT) to help you in whatever way you need it. Reserve €50

Swag23: Another awesome beer experience, Wicklow’s O’Brother Brewing are giving you the chance to brew a beer with their head brewer on their pilot kit for yourself! Reserve €50

Swag24: Dublin’s Hope Brewing have donated a stuff hamper of their amazing beers. Reserve €20

Swag25: Some whale beers, donated by none other than Padraig Fox, a sound beery lad. Reserve €20

Swag26: What is probably a once in a lifetime, Charlie in the Chocolate factory experience for many, a peek behind the curtain of St James’ Gate, a visit to Brewhouse 4, and the Open Gate Brewery, is followed by a beer and food pairing session, along with beer tasting. This is a prize for 2 people. Reserve €50

Swag27: Fellow beer lover James of @CraftyBeerTweet who is a professional producer is offering a bespoke promotional video for you, your product, or your business. Reserve €50

Swag28: Thanks to our friend Francesca Slattery of Five Points Brewing, we’ve a goody bag of some of London’s Finest Craft Beer. Reserve €20

Swag29: Kildare’s Trouble Brewing have a lovely looking hamper up for grabs! Reserve €20

Swag30: GetErBrewed online homebrew shop want you to get involved and start brewing your own beer, and they’ve donated a Brew in A Bag starter kit, which retails for over €150 check it out here . Reserve €50

Swag31: Mayo based Reel Deel Brewing have kindly given us a case of two of their new beers, 12 bottles in total. 6 of their collab with James Brown, and 6 of their Barrel Aged Brown Ale with Connacht Whiskey. Reserve €20

Swag32: One of our favourite pubs in Dublin’s fair city, The Hill, in Ranelagh is giving away a party for 6-8 people. Reserve €50

Swag33: Long time beery friends, Brehon Brewhouse, have donated a beer hamper including their new yet to be released beer. In a lovely gift pack with Tulip glasses. Also included is two tours and tastings of their brewery in the rolling hills of Inniskeen in Monaghan. Reserve €20

Swag34: Dungarvan Brewing have kindly donated a beer hamper with their beers, and glassware. Reserve €20

Swag35: Kate O’D’s Truffles – Beer infused truffle hamper! Reserve €20

Swag36: A lovely mixed beer hamper from Western Herd Brewing in Clare. Reserve €20


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