Podcast Episode Forty Eight – The Pride of Yorkshire

In this long overdue episode, the Irish Beer Snobs look back on their recent trip to the UK. To visit Leeds, and Dark City in the Northern Monk Refectory. A festival dedicated to the beauty of darker beers.

We also revisit our trip to one of the best taprooms in the UK, the Magic Rock Tap, in Huddersfield.

Looking forward we look forward to the next few weeks where there is events taking place;

  1. Fanah Fest – 8 Degrees, Mitchelstown, Co Cork link
  2. Brew Na Boinne – Boyne Brewhouse, Drogheda, Co Louth link
  3. NE Sippin Forecast link
  4. Big Beery Night 2017 link

Thanks for listening, you can download the episode directly here , visit iTunes or Stitcher Radio

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