Founders – Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Yes, another Founders review. This one will be short and sweet. Unlike its centurion sibling, the Dry Hopped Pale Ale.

On my way to pick up a chinese, while en route I decided, I would try another of the Founders Stable, knowing these were in my local O’Briens (conveniently near the chinese) 

Cascade Hops, I love em, they are fresh and vibrant, and are plentiful here. The beer pours a lovely amber colour with a vibrant white head. There is a lovely citrus fresh aroma. I honestly preferred this to the Session IPA, a little less bitter, but I enjoyed it more.

Weighing in at 5.4% this is quite nice for an American Pale Ale. This is the little brother, with a Ratebeer average of 88

Founders – Porter – The Ratebeer Centurion

Founders have certainly been making an impact since they’ve arrived on our shores. I’ve already sampled the All Day Session IPA – link is on the right hand side.

I was eating out with a friend in Dublin recently, and it finished a little earlier than expected. So I decided to pop into my friends in Ugly Duckling Cafe to say hi, and also wait for Mrs Irishbeersnob who was on the late shift at work. Chinwagging as people who know me is my speciality and Derek and Darragh were really keen to tell me about their new beer additions, Founders. I asked for the porter as i’d not had this yet.

Firstly, I had had a few drinks already so I wasn’t really paying much attention in terms of notes etc, but I was blown away by it. Served at room temperature this was sensational. However I said to myself i’ll have to pick this up and try it again.  

So I was also more than pleased to see this in Trim Winehouse on my recent visit there, but have noticed it in O’Briens Navan. The Winehouse in Trim were selling this for €2.69 a bottle. I think they’ve also a special on with 6 for €15.00

This beauty pours dark. A lovely sweet aroma from the hops but notes of chocolate are there. You can also get a lovely hint of coffee. This has skyrocketed up the list to top of the pile as far as bottled porters go for me. Its also very easy to see how this has an average score on Ratebeer of 100.

At 6.5% its not a wimp, but this is perfect to sup on during these dark winter evenings. 

Founders has hit Ireland

Well renowned American Brewers, Founders have finally hit our shores, being distributed by Grand Cru Beers. I actually stumbled on their All Day IPA Session Ale in my local O’Briens who have been steadily increasing their craft beer offering with many types and nationalities represented.

Recently there was a meet the brewer event in Against the Grain sadly it conflicted with other plans. But I believe a great night was had by all, and apparently the brewer is originally from Drogheda was back on holiday – working holidays eh.

Reasonably priced too in around the €3 mark. At 4.7% its very sessionable compared to the average IPA coming across the Atlantic. However carries a bit more punch than say Dead Pony Club.

It has a nice fresh aroma, pours a lovely amber colour with a nice rich head. The familiar citrus aromas of grapefruit and lemon were there and a nice feeling as it went down.

Its a very nice session IPA, and its a lot less severe than others i’ve tried, i’m looking forward to trying more of the range over the next while, as it appears we now have a steady supply coming to our shores.