Beoir – Wayne Dunne for Chairman – Election 2014 – 2015

My name is Wayne Dunne, known on Twitter and Beoir as Irish Beer Snob. I’ve been a member of Beoir since 2013.

I’ve been writing a blog since July of 2013 related to Craft beer and related topics on a regular basis, having grown my readership steadily to on average now 2500 views a month. I have also helped local off licences and pubs with their craft beer offerings and how to market these to potential customers.

I acknowledge all the hard work that has been done by others before me, and this had laid a very strong foundation with a fantastic app, which continues to guide people to craft beer in their location. I feel very passionately about the craft beer industry in Ireland and have made some steadfast friends. 

I am running against Rueben Gray, a fellow beer blogger and current chair of Beoir. I’ve been reading his blog for yonks. His manifesto is here at Ruebens Blog . 

1 Grow the Beoir Membership

We currently only have 370 odd members, one of my focuses for my chairmanship will be more attention given to recruiting more members to Beoir. I propose that we, where possible have a recruitment stand at any of the major events that happen throughout the year. I would also like to host more regular informal events where everyone is welcome to come along and learn about beer, and different styles of beer. I would propose that these would fall into the remit of the regional reps, and can also be used as recruitment evenings. Alongside this, I would have membership sign up posters displayed in any pub that will display them and i’ve had discussions with several who would be more than willing to do that for us.

2 Engage in an “inclusive social media” approach to both new and existing members

While we have an active forum, I believe we can reach out more and go to where people want to be met, and by that I mean using more social media content, using Youtube, Facebook groups, Google Hangouts etc. We will continue to have the forum, but will be delivering our message in new ways. We will publish our Beoir magazine, and continue with our email updates, but we will compliment these things with a regular update from the PRO or Chair using youtube, google hangouts etc.

3 Build on Relationships “One for Beoir, Beoir for all”

Ultimately we support the Independent Craft producers, as a Consumer focused body. If there are any questions re the products, we should engage with the producer directly and not allow it to get out of hand, and only state the facts as we know them. We should act as a conduit between brewer and consumer. 

From an advocacy point of view I would like to strengthen our relationship with National Homebrew Club and the Dublin Beer Ladies. There is so much we can learn from these groups with regards to regular events. Also make more use of the skills within our membership for various projects that will come up during the course of the year. 

4 Educate, Inform, Demystify, and not Geekify

We need to encourage more people to try craft beer, and we will be a lot more successful if we can become more welcoming and less intimidating. Be more visual, and vocal about the fantastic products that are available, and we can help make this industry sustainable for everyone’s benefit.

5 Promote, Promote, and did I say promote!?

I firmly believe that if we promote our message around the fantastic craft beers and ciders we have here in Ireland that we will build a much larger membership and more vocal consumers group who will have numbers that can not be ignored.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and your consideration for the position of Chair of Beoir.