Podcast Episode 27 – White Hag Brewery 2nd Birthday

Podcast Episode 27 – White Hag Brewery 2nd Birthday




So, your brewery is turning 2 years old, what do you do? Well, throw a huge bash at the brewery apparently and invite everyone to come!

That’s just what the team at White Hag, from Ballymote in Sligo did this past weekend. They threw open their doors to their fans, friends, and family.

In this episode we have tasting of Little Fawn, the Session IPA by White Hag, and we listen to Wayne reminisce about a wild day and night in Sligo.

Brewmaster, Joe Kearns also provides us with an interview.

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IBSC EP0026 – Crafty Brewing Company

IBSC EP0026 – Crafty Brewing Company

In this latest episode we try The Crafty Brewing Company’s Red ale, and Irish Pale Ale, that are available nationwide in Lidl – Find your local store

We also look at upcoming events and recent beers we’ve tasted

1: Galway Hooker Brewery 10th Birthday Event – 57 The Headline Event Page

2: DOT Brew – Keg Launch – 57 The Headline Event Page

3: White Hag Turn 2 – Eventbrite Ticket Page

We also see the return of Wayne’s Emoji Rating system

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Summer’s Here courtesy of 8 Degrees

Summer’s Here courtesy of 8 Degrees

I was looking back over the site and realised, it’s been a while since I last actually wrote anything that resembled a beer review. It’s all been podcast episodes. Well, i’m going to correct all that.

Everyone that knows me, knows i’m a hop head. I love me some great IPAs, and i’m always seeking out the next face melter, or juicy banger. Thankfully, in Ireland, we’re lucky to have those lads down in 8 Degrees in Cork. They have regularly released some of my favourite Irish made IPAs, so I was delighted to have a pint of Hurricane in Drury Buildings last week.

They have been releasing special Single Hop IPAs, which included a Citra one (which i loved as I love Citra), and in this review i’m going to taste the Mandarina Bavaria one.

Single Hop IPA Series: Mandarina Bavaria

ABV: 5.7%
Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
Appearance: A lovely amber / orange hue with a mousse like white head.
Aroma: Mandarina Bavaria is a new German hop which imparts an amazing mandrina orange aroma into the beer.  There are also notes of other tropical fruit and citrus on the nose also.
Flavour: A very pleasing taste, nice juicy sweet citrus. The sweetness of the malt carries a pleasing bitterness into the finish.

I really enjoyed this beer, even though i’ve always been a little wary of Single Hop beers, as sometimes they can lack balance. But, with skilled hands they can be really enjoyable, and the team at 8D have managed to make a beer thats very quaffable, and very enjoyable. Seek this one out.

Summer Days Seisún IPA

ABV: 4.5%
Hops: Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Equinox, and Citra.
Appearance: Pours a pale yellow, with slight haze, and compact white head.
Aroma: Lovely tropical nose, mango, and pineapple. Slight biscuity malt aroma.
Flavour: Nice level of carbonation, makes this smooth and easy to sup. Soft bitterness mixed with citrus fruits leads to a slightly dry finish. The combo brings you back for another mouthful.

Like Grand Stretch before it, 8D have again produced a rock solid Session IPA. Even though it’s 4.5% I found the body a little too thin, considering some other beers at that strength carry a bit more. But, it fits the purpose of Lawnmower Beer category, light, flavoursome, and something you could pack a few away with your faculties still in tact.

Cheers 🍻

Podcast Episode 21 – DOT Brewing Session Rye Ale

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, the dynamic duo taste a Session Rye Ale, from new Dublin Brewery, DOT Brew. You can also find the guys on Twitter @DOT_Brew, Instagram @DOT_Brew, and Facebook.

We also catch up on the latest news from the Irish Craft Beer Scene.

Wayne has an interview with Alain from Radikale where they chat a little about Radikale and their crowdfunding which is underway at the moment. The link for their campaign is on Radikale’s website, however if you don’t want to just click through, the link is here

Also finishing off a round of crowdfunding are those scamps from O’Brother Brewing via Linked Finance you can find details here. Please note this loan finishes on Monday 9th May.

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Podcast Episode 19 – Brehon Brewhouse "Ulster Black" Oatmeal Stout

This latest episode features Monaghan’s Brehon Brewhouse, and their latest beer, Ulster Black, an Oatmeal Stout. 

We’ve a cheeky look forward to their upcoming tap takeover.

In this episode we also catch up with the latest news and beery updates in the Irish Beer Scene.

We also talk about the upcoming www.craftydarts.com event in 57 The Headline, on Thursday 28th April. Give them a follow on Twitter @Crafty_Darts

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A session with St Patrick

As St Patrick’s day is drawing ever closer I thought now would be as good a time as any to try Jack Cody’s Hail Glorious St Patrick Extra Stout. I’m already a big fan of their amber ale Smiggy! I was delighted when they recently sent me a couple of bottles and a branded glass in exchange for some thoughts on this new stout recipe. It was originally launched in 2015 which I didn’t actually get to try. This version is brewed with Madagascan vanilla pods, special roast beans and oatmeal.

As I popped open the bottle and poured the beer, I was instantly hit with the beautiful aroma of roasted malts, coffee and dark chocolate. There is a very faint hint of vanilla. It pours a lovely rich dark colour with the creamy head. On taste its lightly carbonated with lovely coffee notes. Feels quite thin with a nice sweetness to the finish. All in all for an extra stout weighing in at 6.3% abv its enjoyable to drink. They won a silver medal at the Killarney beerfest in 2015 and more recently, a Bronze at the 2016 Dublin craft beer cup held at the Alltech Brews & Food festival. Its easy to see why. I’m currently enjoying this with some homemade freshly baked bread and blue cheese! This is a limited edition and is currently available nationwide in O’Briens and very good value at €2.55

Well the hunt for Max has finally ended thanks to the good folk in O’Briens in Navan. I’m a big fan of this brewery and when I saw it was available on draft I knew I had to have it. Max is the latest brew from O Brother Brewing based in Co. Wicklow. It’s a “Rockin Session Ale” at 4.4 % abv. I just love the label. They’re branding has to be one of my favourites.  On the nose its piney with citrus hops. It pours a nice golden colour with a decent white head. On taste its light and fruity with a good dry bitter finish. It would go perfectly well with a nice chicken curry or a spicy stir fry! A very enjoyable beer that I’ll look forward to having more of  in the summer. Very much worth the wait! Its available nationwide in O’Briens at €3.70 for a 500ml bottle.