Crafty Brewing Company – American Style Pale Wheat Ale

Crafty Brewing Company – American Style Pale Wheat Ale

For a good while now, Rye River Brewing have been making beers for Lidl Ireland under the brand of “The Crafty Brewing Company” range that we have previously reviewed on a podcast here where we tasted their Pale Ale and IPA.

Needless to say we were very impressed by those beers especially given their price point and i’m delighted to say this is no different.


Here we have a pale wheat ale, that has a slight haze. The first thing I noticed was a great tropical aroma. That very familiar Mosaic profile takes centre stage, loads of citrus aroma, grapefruit, with an edge of pine. Juicy mango is the main aroma i’m taking, and the mosaic is ably backed up by Cascade. There is really good head retention all the way down.

On to the taste we have a lovely smooth bitterness with some of the sweetness of the malt there, but this finishes easy. Making it really easy to take large mouthfuls to quench your palette. The mouthfeel is absolutely superb.

Pound for Pound, this is Conor McGregor, one of the best beers i’ve ever tasted at this price point from an Irish Micro Brewery. No wonder the team there are so happy.

This is a special edition beer and for €1.99 a bottle, an absolute steal. Fill yer boots. I know i’ll be going back to Lidl branch tomorrow.


Summer’s Here courtesy of 8 Degrees

Summer’s Here courtesy of 8 Degrees

I was looking back over the site and realised, it’s been a while since I last actually wrote anything that resembled a beer review. It’s all been podcast episodes. Well, i’m going to correct all that.

Everyone that knows me, knows i’m a hop head. I love me some great IPAs, and i’m always seeking out the next face melter, or juicy banger. Thankfully, in Ireland, we’re lucky to have those lads down in 8 Degrees in Cork. They have regularly released some of my favourite Irish made IPAs, so I was delighted to have a pint of Hurricane in Drury Buildings last week.

They have been releasing special Single Hop IPAs, which included a Citra one (which i loved as I love Citra), and in this review i’m going to taste the Mandarina Bavaria one.

Single Hop IPA Series: Mandarina Bavaria

ABV: 5.7%
Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
Appearance: A lovely amber / orange hue with a mousse like white head.
Aroma: Mandarina Bavaria is a new German hop which imparts an amazing mandrina orange aroma into the beer.  There are also notes of other tropical fruit and citrus on the nose also.
Flavour: A very pleasing taste, nice juicy sweet citrus. The sweetness of the malt carries a pleasing bitterness into the finish.

I really enjoyed this beer, even though i’ve always been a little wary of Single Hop beers, as sometimes they can lack balance. But, with skilled hands they can be really enjoyable, and the team at 8D have managed to make a beer thats very quaffable, and very enjoyable. Seek this one out.

Summer Days Seisún IPA

ABV: 4.5%
Hops: Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Equinox, and Citra.
Appearance: Pours a pale yellow, with slight haze, and compact white head.
Aroma: Lovely tropical nose, mango, and pineapple. Slight biscuity malt aroma.
Flavour: Nice level of carbonation, makes this smooth and easy to sup. Soft bitterness mixed with citrus fruits leads to a slightly dry finish. The combo brings you back for another mouthful.

Like Grand Stretch before it, 8D have again produced a rock solid Session IPA. Even though it’s 4.5% I found the body a little too thin, considering some other beers at that strength carry a bit more. But, it fits the purpose of Lawnmower Beer category, light, flavoursome, and something you could pack a few away with your faculties still in tact.

Cheers 🍻