Live Beer Blogging – #EBBC16 from The Mercure, Amsterdam City

So, this is our second Live Beer Blogging event with the European Beer Bloggers Conference. You can read how we got on last year here. It was a lot of fun, but logistically challenging to get through.

This year Janice was micro blogging on Instagram, I’ve basically snatched the pictures from her and they are below.

1; Kompaan Brewery, Hand Langer DIPA 8.2%

We tried a couple of Kompaan beers during the lunch and registration part of the conference. They were keeping a big DIPA aside for Live Beer Blogging, called Hand Langer, which in English means Accomplice. Aggressively hopped, with a big body to carry its flavour. It’s slightly sweet, with a bitter finish.


2; Oersoep – Brettalicious – Bretted Saison, 5%

A real treat for us, a wild fermented saison, in a traditional foudre, with Brett and Lacto present, it’s giving a nice apple, white wine flavour, along side some funky aroma and flavour. Quite crisp, and dry. Overall a very nice beer.


3; Brouwerij Maximus, Saison Number 5, 5%

This was a really nice Wallonian Saison, which didn’t have that usual Saisony bite that you can sometimes get. Brewed using their own strain of yeast, this is a different saison than you’d be used, so much so Janice remarked, she’d drink again, which for a saison is a very high compliment as saison is not a style she loves.


4; Brouwerij Emelisse, White Label Russian Imperial Stout 11.5%

So far on our travels in the Netherlands, we’d sampled several Emelisse beers, and were advised to keep an eye out for their White label beers,which give the brewery flexibility to do special beers, outside their core range including their barrel aged series.

Here we had a thick luxurious Russian Imperial Stout that had spent some time in Bruichladdich barrels, which have imparted a slight peaty smokiness to the beer. Got so much better as it warmed up. A very good beer.


5; Kees Brewery, Barrel Project 05/2016 10%
Another brewery we’d sampled a few beers from, including their outstanding Caramel Fudge Stout, here we were treated to a Barrel Project #05/2016 Oatmeal stout which was aged in one my favourite bourbons , Heaven Hill barrels. This was so thick, with low carbonation, this again was a great beer. As it warmed up more vanilla and oak came through. Would love to get more of this myself. The oatmeal addition making the body velvety smooth.


6; Oedipus Brewing – Swingers – Hoppy Gose 4%

After a couple of heavy stouts, this hoppy Gose, was just what the pallette needed. This beer was formally known as Salty Dick, there is a zing from the lime zest that is added also. A lovely Gose, where the hops, fruit and salt combine perfectly to create a lovely summer beer.


7; De Prael Brewing – IPA, 6.5%

The Brewery at De Prael is an interesting social experiment, much in a similar way we learned that La Trappe employs people in a social way, basically giving jobs to people who may have a disability and to allow them to be included in a normal thing such as a day job. This is a noble idea, and one i’d like to see more of at home. Here we have an IPA that uses, Citra, Simcoe, and Fuggles.


8; Brouwerij T’Ij IPA , 7%

Like buses, two come along at once. They use their own yeast strain, along with a great aroma hopping schedule, it leads to a solid IPA. A pretty striking label which is very different to the ones on the rest of the core range, and this came about as they didn’t want to frighten off their regular core drinkers, and to show that this is very different to that traditional offering.  Really enjoyed this one.


9; Bax Bier – Smoked Porter, Kood Vuur – “Coal Fire” in English 6.3%

Smoked Porters, can be very interesting, and this was one that fell into that category. Lightly smoked on the nose, it leads to a nice mouthfeel, and it is a beer that can easily imagine sitting in front of the fire sipping this. Even more surprising is that Janice liked this, and she rarely likes smoked beers.


10; Duits & Lauret – Houtgerijpte Rook Dubbelbock

This is a wood aged and smoked Dubbelbock, this is a beer thats full of flavour and would be able to stand up to many foods, and even be used in stews. There is a lovely aroma, and spice on the nose, and it has slight woodiness to it that adds to the character.


All in all this was another great event, and the Dutch beer scene is alive and kicking.

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