Live Beer Blogging @ EBBC – Courtesy of Belgian Family Brewers

So the scene is set – Hotel Marivaux in Brussels. At the table is Janice, Sarah Finney, Chris Elston, Steve Williams, Reuben Gray, Aidan Sweeney and myself! 

Tasting beer’s and writing about them

St Bernardus Extra 4 – 4.8% Single

The brewery was set up to commercialise & sell the beers of Westverleteren Abbey. They brewed under licence until 1992, when it expired and continued under St Bernardus brand that we know today. They’ve been around since 1946 and are the oldest member in the Belgian Family Brewers. Using the Sixtus yeast.

Recipes are from Westverleten – This beer has been out of production since 1976 – and revived by St Bernadus – more so an inspiration than a rebrewing of the beer. A Single refers to the amount of malt used rather than Single Hop etc. 

This is a Full flavoured beer with a low ABV – available on draught and bottles in 60 countries world wide, and a very appealing invite to their brewery which has a B&B.

Delerium Tremens – Strong Blonde Beer 8.5%

25 Yrs Old, originally started as a private label beer for Italy. The name came from when revenue tax men got drunk on it and called it Delerium. – use bottles to keep light out 100%

Instantly recognisable Pink Elephant on a stone like bottle. The phenolic character on the nose – very full bodied beer – hints of fruits in there. World famous beer at this stage.

Interesting they have a beer made by women for women? Called Deliria, using Saaz to dry hops.

Gouden Carolus – Classic 8.5%

Gouden Carolus are a 5th Generation Family since 1872 -however brewing has been taking place there since 1471 by single women living in the Convent. This information was recently discovered while doing research for trademark applications.

This beer was is an homage to their original beers. This is a classic strong Belgian brown ale. Subtle fruitiness and sweetness like plum and chocolate on the nose. Really tasty beer – great example of the style no wonder 50% of their beers are sold at home.

St Feuillien Grand Cru Dry Hopping 9.5% 

The brewery has been brewing since 1873 and are based in the South of Belgium near the French border
Here we have their Dry Hopped Grand Cru – subtle spices on the nose – this been has been in production since 2011. 3 Kinds of Hops – very well balanced given the ABV – and fermented using Champagne Yeast. All in all this is a very smooth beer – this beer is dangerously drinkable given it’s ABV

Ename Biere D’Abbey by Roman Brewery 5.5%

Brewing since 1545 – here we have a lower than your standard Abbey Beer – brewed lower ABV at 5.5% – 2 Hops – late hopping Savinsky, Golding and Salea. Noble hops and lovely grassy notes on the nose and good body. Nice and crisp beer. 

Duvel Troppel Hop 2015 – Equinox 

A new hop – from Yakima – Saaz makes the back bone – but Equinox is the star of the show as it’s the dry hop in this beer. The Equinox lifts this beer. Matched with a goat cheese – washed rind. A really good Belgian Trippel and we also got a great custom made chocolate with Yuzu filling also.

Lindemanns – Oude Kriek Cuvée René 6.5%

Lambic between 6 m and 1 yr – add cherries 32-35kg per 100l – after 6 months only the stones remain as they ferment out
Classic style labelling – one of the oldest Kriek beers.
Sour and dry perfect appetizer – delightfully tarte – very tasty beer. Superb pallet cleanser. 

Palm Brewery – Cornet Oaked – Strong Blond 8.5%

A strong Belgian Blond Ale that is Oaked – hints of Vanilla on the nose and familiar yeast smells – but when you taste it, it’s far from a typical Belgian Blond – very strong full body – alcohol there upfront and added smoothness from the oaking. The Oak was provided by oak chips and Aidan Sweeney wouldn’t tell me if they were fresh oak or casks.

Debsuisson Brewery – Bush De Charmes – Blonde 10.5%

First made last year – sweetness and flavours of yellow fruit eg Peach, Banana. The blonde ale is aged in White Wine Barrel from Burgundy in France. Aged for 4 months. Additional flavours from the barrel include a slight tartness which is from the mixed fermentation in the barrel. A complex beer which still has the flavours of a Blonde Ale. For a beer of this ABV it is very well balanced with a hint to remind you that this is a 10.5% beast.

Straffe Hendrick -Heritage 2013 – 11%
Oak Aged Barrrel Aged Quad aged and 12 month – Bordeaux Wine Barrels, then moved to thier own barrels then into Cognac Barrels. Extremely boozy aroma the tannins from the wine are very apparent. 

Duchesse De Bourgoge – Barrel Aged 6.2%

At this stage i’d no idea what i was writing – I will edit accordingly in the morning.

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