The 1st Review: 8 Degrees Brewing – Knockmeal Down Porter

So, my first review.
In a country where its conditioned into you from a young age, that Guinness is the bee’s knees of stouts. Backed by a huge marketing budget, massive manufacturing facilities at the world famous St James’ Gate, and owned by Diageo one of the worlds largest alcohol companies, how are brewers like 8 Degrees meant to compete. Simple. The taste and quality of their product.

By concentrating on the taste and quality of the product above all else, we are treated to a great porter from an indigenous brewer based in the Ballyhoura Region in Cork.

What 8 Degrees say about it.

Like tackling the Knockmealdowns in a blizzard, this beer is not for wimps. Our evolution of the traditional Irish stout, it resembles a Victorian-era Irish porter and provides complex dark malt characteristics with distinctive espresso flavours.

Without the weight of a stout, the porter is well rounded with mellow English hops.” taken from
So what do I think?
I like it a lot, you definitely get those coffee flavours, but it is not overbearing. For those so used to Guinness the carbonation is different, but this allows the flavours to come to the fore. With this craft approach you are benefiting from the expertise of the brewers, who have trialled and tweaked their recipe to produce a very solid porter. 
So how do I score this, well i’m going to score it on a couple of things, 
1, the flavour and general impressions of the product scored out of five
2, the availability of the product scored out of five
I must say i am very impressed with the quality of the product, and give it 4/5
and availability ever increasing due to distribution through the countries independent off licences, some of the major grocery stores like tesco, and an increasing networks of publican’s taking it on board, i’m going to give another 4/5 so overall the Knockmealdown Porter by 8 Degrees Brewing scores 8 out of 10

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