Lineman Brewing – Doing it their own way.

Lineman Brewing – Doing it their own way.

In this latest episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, we have the absolute pleasure of chatting to Mark & Vivienne from Lineman Brewing based in Rathcoole, in West Dublin. We get to find out their beer journey, how they became a team that produce a great product.

On the night we were drinking the following beers from Lineman

  • Sundrops Table Beer
  • Fluid Dynamics Extra Pale Ale
  • Transmission Double IPA

Lineman are distributed nationwide by Four Corners and are available in cans, bottles, and kegs. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media channels for updates on new beer releases, and all things Lineman.

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Podcast Episode Fifty Three – The Cannonball Run

Podcast Episode Fifty Three – The Cannonball Run

In this latest episode, we taste the Magic Rock cannonballs, so that’s their regular Cannonball IPA, with their annual specials Human & Unhuman Cannonball. This year sees a new special enter the fray, in the Neo Human Cannonball, a New England DIPA version.

We also look back over recent weeks, and look forward to the events taking place around the country to celebrate Indie Beer Week which is a series of events taking place in many of Ireland’s Craft Breweries – be sure to check out the events in your locality

We’re also are looking forward to the following events

Hopefully we’ll see some of you there.

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Beery Delights

Beery Delights

Movie Night is a very popular activity in any household.I was feeling very nostalgic the other day, reminiscing about my childhood and the snacks we used to enjoy while spending time with my family during a movie. Whether it was a movie at home or going to the cinema, the highlight was always the treats involved. From popcorn covered in melted butter to sweets and chocolates we all had our favourites. My father was heavily involved in these memories. He spoiled us with bowls of mixes, different crisp flavours and nuts, popcorn with chocolate, ice cream bowls over flowing with sweet treats. Needless to say this sparked some research into some “adult snacks” cooked with beer!

So after browsing through endless amounts of recipes I decided on three different treats to make. All recipes I chose came from The Beeroness Website. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for quite some time. Wayne bought me one of her cookbooks “The Craft Beer Cookbook”. I’ve had much fun recreating some of the recipes in it. I think Wayne enjoys being my guinea pig.

The first recipe is Beer & Sriracha candied nuts. During movie night there’s always a bag of cashew nuts devoured in Snob HQ so I decided to make them interesting. For this recipe I chose four types of nut; cashew, Brazil, hazelnut and pecans. After recently reviewing Brewdogs Neon Overlord on our podcast, which you can listen to here, I chose this for its spicy but sweet flavours.  We’re both big fans of spicy foods so these were a no brainer. They took little time and hardly any effort required but the outcome was irresistible. Once you start snacking on these its very difficult to stop. Next time I attempt these I’ll up the sriracha levels. The only change I made was sprinkling salt all over them before they went into the oven and again half way through. I’m also lucky I saved a portion for my father. They were such a hit I’ve already received orders for Christmas.

Every weekend chicken wings are on our menu either as Friday night dinner, Saturday afternoon snack or post Sunday evening podcast recording. Wayne was king of cooking them, until I intervened. We usually use franks hot sauce but I chose grilled beer & brown sugar wings. The beer I chose was a little closer to home, an Irish porter called Dark Arts Porter by Trouble Brewing. This is one of our favourites. I’ve often used it in a batch of brownies. I marinated the wings in the beer brine for approximately five hours before cooking. Instead of grilling them I baked them at 200 degrees for fourty minutes, basting them every ten and turning them half way through. The were deliciously sticky, juicy and very tasty. Give them a try!

What movie night is complete without nachos? There’s nothing more satisfying than scooping up cheese dip or salsa and stuffing your face. So you guessed it, I made a dip! I love strong flavours so chose mature Gouda and Mature red cheddar cheese to make foolproof beer cheese sauce. To compliment the strong cheese flavours I used Francis big bangin IPA. It was recently released by Mc Gargles in cans and Simon of Simonsays beer blog and their beer specialist gave us some to try.  I couldn’t resist using it in this recipe. The sauce was so good I could’ve drank it all. Next time I cook cauliflower I’ll whip up a batch of this to pour all over it.

I hope you try these super easy recipesyourself, hell if i can cook them anyone can. Oh just in case you are wondering the movies we watched were Independence Day: Resurgence & The Huntsman: Winters War.
**Neon Overlord was supplied to us by fourcorners & Francis Big Bangin IPA was given to us also**

Trouble Brewing Dark Arts Porter was purchased in our local O’Briens branch.

#BeeryChats – The Irish are Coming Ft 8 Degrees Brewing

#BeeryChats – The Irish are Coming Ft 8 Degrees Brewing

On Saturday the 1st of October, we brought back our online Panel Chat #BeeryChats, but we’ve modified it somewhat, and that’s covered off in a little more details on our #BeeryChats page.

We couldn’t think of anyone we’d love to have on more than our friends from Cork, 8 Degrees Brewing.

Our Panel for the night was;

You can watch the video below;

The audio will automatically download into your podcast app if you subscribe to our podcast, everyone else can download the episode here

If you want to order the beers Ales by Mail have kindly offered 10% off until the end of October, just use the code BEERSNOB .

Podcast Episode Thirty Three – A couple of new ones from Four Corners

Podcast Episode Thirty Three – A couple of new ones from Four Corners


In this latest podcast episode we taste two new beers to the Irish Market, that are being brought in by distributor Four Corners.

We are tasting from Beavertown‘s new Core Range IPA, Lupuloid, and also Brewdog’s mango and chilli IPA, Neon Overlord.

We also look back on our weekend in Manchester, where we attended the fifth Independent Manchester Beer Convention, affectionately known as Indyman.

We have a post Indyman roundtable with Steve from Hopinions and young whipper snapper Paul  from Edinburgh where we review together our experience

The episode is available via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and here