#BeeryChats – The Irish are coming ft Metalman Brewery

#BeeryChats – The Irish are coming ft Metalman Brewery

In this latest episode we are joined by Grainne Walsh of Metalman Brewing and Myles Lambert, our favourite Geordie, and also blogger under Drinking got me thinking 

We’re joined also by Colin of Ireland Craft Beers who distribute Metalman, and other Irish Breweries in the UK and Beyond.

We are broadcasting live from 8pm on Friday 3rd February


The beers we are drinking on the night are as follows;

  • Heatsink – Smoked Chilli Porter
  • Razzbeer – A spicy Raspberry Sour
  • Sgt Pepper – A sage and pepper Saison, a brand new beer

Sent us any questions you have for Grainne and the panel on Twitter under the hashtag #BeeryChats

#BeeryChats – Ft Boundary Brewing

#BeeryChats – Ft Boundary Brewing

In this latest episode of #BeeryChats we are hosting a tasting online with Boundary Brewing of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The episode starts at 8pm on Weds 7th December.


Joining us on the evening will be Head Brewer and Co Founder, Matthew Dick who will be talking us through two of their beers on the evening. Export Stout, and Push and Pull.

Joining Janice & I on the night will be;

Get involved on the night by using the hashtag #BeeryChats to ask any burning questions you have.

For those of an Aural fixation, we’ve now added this episode to our podcast feed, you can get this on iTunes, or Stitcher Radio. A direct link is also here

#BeeryChats – The Irish are Coming Ft 8 Degrees Brewing

#BeeryChats – The Irish are Coming Ft 8 Degrees Brewing

On Saturday the 1st of October, we brought back our online Panel Chat #BeeryChats, but we’ve modified it somewhat, and that’s covered off in a little more details on our #BeeryChats page.

We couldn’t think of anyone we’d love to have on more than our friends from Cork, 8 Degrees Brewing.

Our Panel for the night was;

You can watch the video below;

The audio will automatically download into your podcast app if you subscribe to our podcast, everyone else can download the episode here

If you want to order the beers Ales by Mail have kindly offered 10% off until the end of October, just use the code BEERSNOB .

#BeeryChats – Let’s try something new

As the famous image from Monty Python above, let’s try something a little bit different.

In what we feel is the first of its kind in Ireland we are planning to host a live Google Hangout that will be simulcast on Youtube where a panel of Beery Folk (More on that below). 

What? I hear you ask. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the concept, we’ve been lucky enough to be invited onto Hopzine’s “Hops, Malts, Yeast and Waffle” Here’s the last one here.

I have been on The Beer O’Clock Show’s #LockIn. Here is the video of the last LockIn from the lads at Beer O’Clock Show

A group of like minded people get together and yap online, talking beer, or whatever. All while having a beer. What could possibly go wrong?

So, the date is Set – Saturday 25th April from 2030pm GMT – you can now see the video below;

Are you interested in taking part? If so get in touch via Twitter / Facebook / Email. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be on the panel, you can drink along and heckle us on Twitter! Let’s do this!