Thank you! #BigBeeryNight17

Thank you! #BigBeeryNight17

Well now the dust has settled, on another huge Big Beery Night – this year we were yet again blown away by the generosity of both the donating companies and people, but also you beer crazy folk who bid and won some unbelievable items. To refresh your memories, the list of lots is here

Here’s the final figures, we had 36 lots, each one of them sold. Raising an unbelievable €3,445.24 both in terms of winning bids, and donations.

In an extra boost, my employers Bank of Ireland Group also donated €1,250 to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, bringing the grand total to €4,695.24

We are truly humbled by your generosity, each and every one of you.

Thank you very much for your support, we’re already thinking of how we can make it bigger and better for next year.

Wayne & Janice

#BigBeeryNight16 – Auction Lots

#BigBeeryNight16 – Auction Lots


To help us blast through our target above, we’ve been blown away by generous donations from a wide range of people, and breweries across the country. We will have the auction open for 24 hrs, from 9pm (GMT) Thursday 10th. Each item will have a reserve and you can bid anything you want and the highest bidder will win the item. The auction for all lots will finish at 9pm exactly on Friday the 11th. To win you will have to prove you’ve made your donation to the page.

The Rules;

To bid on an item, please tweet using both hashtags #BBNIE #BigBeeryNight16 and #Swagx – eg if you want to bid on swag1, you would tweet Bid €25.00 #Swag1 #BBNIE #Bigbeerynight16

Please ensure you use the hashtags above as it means we can track all the bids.

The winning bidder will be contacted between 9 & 10 Pm to confirm they’ve won and to make their donation. Once done, tweet @IrishBeerSnob & @MrsBeerSnob that you’ve made your donation.

Please note that neither we or the Donors of these lots are making any profit from this auction, all donations will be going to Irish Cancer Society. 

You can donate here via Everyday Hero

Swag1: 2 Course Dinner for 2 in Dublin’s Best Craft Beer Pub, 57 The Headline, and pack of 5 Lamps Barrel aged beers with glass. Reserve €20.00

Swag2: Martins in Fairview – Craft Beer Hamper. Reserve €20.00

Swag3: Kentucky Brews (Alltech) – Bottle of Town Branch Bourbon. Reserve €20.00  

Swag4: Eight Degrees Brewing – Mixed case of beers. Reserve €20.00

Swag5: O’Brother Brewing – A case of Bonita, and a teeshirt. Reserve €20.00

Swag6: O’Brother Brewing – A case of Chancer, and a teeshirt. Reserve €20.00

Swag7: Otterbank Brewing – 1 mixed case of 12 beers, 3 of each new sour by Declan

Swag8: Otterbank Brewing – 1 mixed case of 12 beers, 3 of each new sour by Declan

Swag9: Wicklow Brewery – A case of the award winning HopKnut in cans including glassware. Reserve €20.00

Swag10: Donation by @Craftybeertweets – A bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold scotch. Reserve €20.00

Swag11: Blacks Brewery – A case of their awesome DIPA Hiviz in cans. Reserve €20.00

Swag 12: Donation by @Graeme_C – 2 x Bottles of 2016 Galway Bay 200 Fathoms. Reserve €20.00

Swag13: Whiplash Brewing – A case of True Love Waits – exclusive before launch. Reserve €20.00

Swag14: Rye River Brewing Company – A case of McGargles Cousin Francis Big Bangin IPA, with a hoodie. Reserve €20.00

Swag15: White Hag Brewing Company – A case of their Christmas Ale. Reserve €20.00

Swag16: Wicklow Brewery – 2 Bottles of the 2nd anniversary strong ale. Reserve €20.00

Swag17: Donation by @Robruaryan – Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt

Swag18: Galway Bay Brewery – Mixed case of their beers. Reserve €20.00

Swag19: Brehon Brewhouse – Stout pack inc Barrel Aged Shanco Dubh & Brehon Rising. Reserve €20.00

Swag20: Brehon Brewhouse – Stout pack inc Barrel Aged Shanco Dubh & Brehon Rising. Reserve €20.00

Swag21: Black Donkey – Case of Scythe. Reserve €20.00

Swag22: O’Haras – Case of Leann Follain. Reserve €20.00

Swag23: Yellowbelly – A custom made caricature  by inhouse designer Paul Reck. Reserve €20.00

Swag 24: O’Brien’s Off Licence – A mixed case of some new beers. Reserve €20.00

Swag25: Trouble Brewing – Mixed case of beers. Reserve €20.00

Swag26: DOT Brew – Mixed case of their core range including a new beer! Reserve €20.00

Swag27: Clever Man Brewing – A case of Ejector Seat Turf Smoked Stout. Reserve €20.00

Swag28: The Beer – A case of Irish Craft Beer with snacks and glassware. Reserve €20.00

Swag29: Arthurstown Brewing Company – A case of Hook Collab Beer. Reserve €20.00

Swag30: Bradley’s Off Licences – A case of their Raspberry & Vanilla Sour brewed with Torc Brewing. Reserve €20.00