Thornbridge – Jaipur IPA

Ok, this one had been on my radar for quite a while, for one reason or another I hadn’t tried it.

Anyway while at Probus on Saturday I decided to treat myself, the missus had a lovely growler courtesy of JW Sweetman, full of their delicious red ale to enjoy when we got home, not to be out done I decided to plump for the Jaipur. 

Jaipur is an IPA of 5.9% is readily available in Bottles, but have also seen available around in cask and keg form. The 500 ml bottle was €4.90 – quite pricey – so did it live up to the price. Really though, its not that much is it, its just short of a pint.

So I popped open the bottle and sniffed, a lovely fresh aroma, unmistakeable familiar scents. Juicy tropical flavours, I couldn’t wait to get it poured.

Now I poured away into a snifter and watched it as it developed a nice head, and a dark straw colour as opposed to the more amber colour I’m used to seeing.

The flavour was delicious, really well balanced, without that sometimes overpowering bitter you can get. Even Mrs IBS was impressed.

I’d be very interested to try this on draft, must keep my eyes peeled.

Lovely fresh flavour without being too much – i’d recommend this, its well worth the extra.