We all need a little Hope (Beer)

We’ve not podcasted in ages, so it only takes a pandemic to get us back behind the Mic!

In this episode we are tasting 3 lovely beers from Dublin’s Hope Beer.

  • Hop On Session IPA
  • Pineapple & Passionfruit Sour
  • Foreign Export Stout

We also talk about how things are going during these strange times for our island, including the example of collaboration and great community spirit demonstrated by Craig P Kearney who took a rambling twitter thread of mine, and collated it all into one handy page for everyone to use to buy direct from Irish Breweries. Check it out https://directfrombrewery.com/ – anyone out there who wants to be added hit us up and we’ll get it updated pronto. Twitter thread below 👇

As always thanks for tuning in, our podcast is available on iTunes (Apple), Sticther Radio, and direct download here

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