Podcast Episode 38 – 2016, The year that was

So 2016 has been a tumultuous year, we’ve had terror attacks, Trump, Brexit, and the passing of some extremely talented people. But it’s not been all bad!

Here, we look back over these past 12 months with our beery hats on, looking back on the events and festivals we were at, continued catching up with our beery friends, and looking forward to what mysteries 2017 will bring.


Thank you to all our readers and listeners for following us this year, whether it’s on our Social Media Platforms, or even if it’s just reading our blog and listening to our podcast. What would you like to see from Team Irish Beer Snob in 2017. Get in touch.

You can download our latest episode via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and of course directly here

Have a lovely holiday season, and wonderful new year. We will be returning to podcasting in Mid January.

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