Podcast Episode Thirty Two – The Beer Snobs visit Wicklow Brewery.

Stout 16 on the Left, and Peach & Apricot Saison on the Right

A dull Sunday afternoon brought us on a mini adventure, we had arranged to visit Wicklow Brewery with their Head Brewer Jason Carroll in early September before the Irish Craft Beer Festival. It tied in nicely with the fact that my parents were staying in the attached River Valley Park in Redcross, Co Wicklow.

Sadly we were unable to stay due to work commitments, but we said we’d go down anyway. We threw the usual script out and Jason joined us as a guest to chat through his journey from home brewer to being head brewer at the award winning Wicklow Brewery.

A beautiful bar made with reclaimed Ash from a fallen tree from nearby, Jason is pouring a half of the award winning HopKnut

The brewery is situated in Mickey Finns pub, but once you get to the Beer Hall you can see that this is a really nice tap room, using reclaimed timber in vast quantities, you can only be impressed with the space, and the fact that you can see the brewery right there in front of you reassures you to the freshness of the beers on tap in the bar.


The food in the pub is also top notch, and very reasonably priced. A wide range of starters and Main courses. Of course the Beeramisu was in the dessert menu!

We’d highly recommend visiting this brewery, and doing the tour, the staff and team are very friendly. They are rightly proud and passionate of the beers being produced on site and are a huge asset to the brewery, and bar. Tours can be arranged, just contact the brewery directly here

You can download the episode directly here, or via iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Thanks for listening. Sláinte.


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