Christmas Ideas – Gifts for the Craft Beer Lover in your life.

So, now we’re past Halloween, and at the end of November we can start talking about Christmas. A time of beer and cheer. When families and friends make up any excuse to go out for a few sneaky pints. We in love this time of year.

With that in mind i’ve put together a list of presents you can get the beer lover in your life. Varying budgets of course, but there are so many you can choose from these days.

1: Craft Beer Hampers (varying prices to suit your budget)

picture courtesy of 

Ok, this seems like a simple one, but it’s one thats often overlooked. Who doesn’t love getting a box of beers, whether they’ve had them before or there are some new beers to discover. Now, i’m not gonna tell you what to put in your box, i’m going to defer to the wide range of speciality independent off licences i’ve purchased from before to lend you the benefit of their expertise.
If you’re not near one of the ones listed, most of them offer nationwide delivery for a reasonable fee.

Fear not if you don’t want to order online your local independent off licence will be more than happy to help you.

For those of you who want a Craft Beer Advent Calendar – you’re in luck, Martin’s of Fairview have one for sale, the details are here – you can also secure for a limited time you can get a Mikkeller one which isn’t quite the full 24 days, infact it only covers the four sundays, but it’s a bit of fun after all mikkeller box

2: Beer Glassware (€19.99 plus delivery if applicable)

picture courtesy of Spiegelau

Anyone who has been to Belgium for a weekend will have marvelled at the fact that the beers are served in the right glass, even the branding. No Delerium Tremens in a Chimay glass for example. An amazing feat in itself. However, a lot of people don’t realise the difference the right glass makes to different styles of beer. Think the difference between a white wine and red wine glass and you get the idea. Spiegelau have been pioneers in the wine world for many years, and now after lots of R&D have brought to us a range of beer glasses that are of exquisite quality, and help accentuate the flavours of your favourite beers.
You can order your set right here

3: Jameson Caskmates (€38 appx)
Courtesy of – click to visit their page

Jameson Whiskey – a global whiskey Icon, a truly Irish beverage, distilled in Midleton Cork. Teaming up with Franciscan Well of Cork to produce a unique whiskey. After maturing the whiskey the casks were delivered to Franciscan Well to age their full bodied stout. Once the stout had been matured the casks were sent back to the distillery for the matured whiskey to be finished. From there this was bottled and unleashed on the world. The best of both worlds, a premium spirit with hints of stout to add complexity to an already great spirit. While you’re at it, why not pair with the Franciscan Well Whiskey Aged stout. 
Available at all good off licences. 

4: Craft Beer Tasting Day (€49)

Based in Dublin’s North King Street, the Dublin Bar Academy run a fun and educational Craft Beer Session which is led by our good friend James Winans of Vanguard Beer Collective. During the course you can expect to learn more about the history of brewing but most importantly of all you’ll get to sample the various styles now available and produced on this great Island. It’s a great afternoon and bit of fun. Click the link above to be brought to the information page.

5: Buy them shares in Brewdog (From £95)

Ok, so who wouldn’t want to own a piece of a brewery. Now, let’s be honest I don’t view my shares in Brewdog as an investment, more so membership of a club of like minded people. People who love great beer. What’s in it for me? Well you get depending on your level of investment varying levels of discounts both in bar, and their online store. You also get invited to exclusive equity for punks events. But the cherry on top for me is the chance to visit Aberdeen for AGM each year where you get to hear the vital statistics of how Brewdog is doing, but also get to party with thousands of like minded people while drinking great beers. And yes you get to bring a guest! So if you’re thinking of buying this as a gift for someone, the link is 

I know if I was to receive any of these presents, i’d be absolutely delighted! Have a great Christmas one and all.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Ideas – Gifts for the Craft Beer Lover in your life.

  1. Another great gift for the craft beer lover. All Irish Advent Craft Beer Box
    What's inside? 24 Different Irish Craft Beers and 1 Craft Beer Glass.

    Martin's Advent Craft Beer Box is the perfect Christmas Gift for every Craft Beer geek and is also the perfect way to try many new and limited beers. Open each window on the lead up to Christmas to find what delightful surprise awaits you.

  2. Perfect Damien. I'll edit the hamper section to include that. I personally think advent box is pre Xmas in fairness but a great gift all the same.

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