Hiver – The Honey Beer

On a recent beer restocking trip to The Winehouse in Trim, I came across this. A blonde beer that has been brewed with honey. This very much appealed to my sweet side.

This is a traditional English style beer. Brewed proudly using urban London, English blossom and heather honeys. The use of challenger and UK cascade hops are so mild that they truly let the honey shine through.

Once I popped the bottle the aroma was tantalizing. I thought from the smell of the honey, the taste was going to be over bearing, but I was wrong. Its perfect. Not too sweet at all, it actually tastes like more. 
Its a wonderfully light beer that leaves a refreshing taste. I think this will be perfect as a summer beer. I can imagine enjoying a few of these with friends at a BBQ.

For more on the bee keepers visit


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