Brooklyn Summer Ale – Perfect Summer Beer (If we get one)

Ah summer time, a yearly tradition of decent weather. Well, not so far this year, but there are plenty of brewers out there who make beer for all seasons. Brooklyn Brewery are no stranger to this, having a regular range of seasonals.

I picked up a couple of can’s on a recent visit to Drink Store. Along with some other American Beers, which have started coming in cans to Ireland. There is a lot of debate on Canning we’ll cover this off later. Lets get back to the beer.

The beer itself is described as lighter ale, still packed with flavour from the English Malt, giving the beer a lovely bready / biscuity taste, with a subtle bitterness from German and US hops. This is a very quaffable beer, which when I saw was 5% I was surprised. It definitely didn’t taste it. This would be a great beer for the summer barbeque season, if we ever get one that is.

I’ve more reviews to follow from my haul, which includes can’s of Dale’s Pale Ale, Founders All Day IPA, and Modus Hoperandi, and will have these up soon.

As for canning, i’m amazed that not many people can, its easier for shipping, and will more than likely help a lot of styles, but not all. I took a sip of a can of All Day IPA and it tasted so fresh. Currently it is mainly the US producers canning, but its good to see that Thwaites have also started canning their Crafty Dan range. 

5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Summer Ale – Perfect Summer Beer (If we get one)

  1. Hi Benjamin, thank you for your comment.
    I've only seen it in Drinkstore (who also sell on line and deliver very reasonably priced)
    Maybe, Devenney's Dundrum, Redmonds in Ranelagh, or McHughs if you're based on the northside.

  2. You should be able to get it anywhere that stocks Brooklyn Lager, but with it being a seasonal, may have been in short supply. There was some in Drinkstore when I popped in last weekend. Good luck

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