What’s the Kwak? It ain’t no duck that’s for sure

I can’t believe, i’ve never had this beer before. I’m a fan of Belgian ales, and visiting Belgium is on my agenda for 2014. Maybe the Brussels Beer Fest later this year.

Anyway I digress.

For Christmas my wife bought me a 750ml bottle with the accompanying glass complete with wooden handle. Now i’m sure you’ve all heard that story about the Delerium cafe in Brussels which takes your shoe as a deposit should you decide you want to scarper with the glass. 

Now, thats impressive glassware.

Onto the beer. 

Kwak, an amber strong belgian ale, weighing in at a hefty 8.4%. In the proper glass it pours a clear earthy amber, with an off white head. The head soon disapates however. The toffee flavours, with sweet mouth flavour, finishing slightly bitter. Very nice beer I must say. 

I got this at my local off license Trim Winehouse, I know it was for me for Christmas but i’d to pick it up myself. An altogether not unreasonable €16 approximately, with a show stopping glass.


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