Sierra Nevada – Hoptimum 2013

American IPAs, we all know there are some amazing ones out there. However, really hoppy beers are best enjoyed fresh.

Somehow Sierra Nevada’s distributor here has managed to get their hands on some really fresh hoptimum. Only a few weeks old, rather than the sometimes months old – like who gets celebration in July when it was probably bottled before Christmas!

Glory be the gods.

For hopheads, as the bottle label shows! A Whole Cone Huricane no less.

Make no mistake, this is a roided up full frontal assault on your taste buds. Imperial is a perfect way to describe it.

IBU: 100
ABV: 10.4%
Hops: German Magnum, Chinook, Simcoe and a New Proprietary Variety

If you tried to go on a session with this stuff, it would kick your ass. Once i popped open the bottle I got a whiff of the aroma. So fresh. Those familiar citrus notes, amplified, and tempting you into downing this.

Now it pours a lovely amber colour with a nice frothy head, and tastes superbly balanced for such a high abv beverage. You’re not wincing with each mouthful, it does have that unmistakeable hoppy bitterness, but you’re not gagging as if you were drinking amaretto or something.

I can’t imagine there is too much stock around so get it while you can, it should be available in all good independent off licenses. Expect to pay a premium price for this, avg prices off sale i’ve seen are in around the €5 mark, maybe a little less. I’d shudder to think what it goes for in a pub. I’ve heard whispers of €9. 

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