Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

Ever wonder what to get the craft beer lover in your life? Well here at IrishBeerSnob we’ve come up with a few nifty ideas for you. Here is a list they are bound to love.

Glassware is a great choice. From a specialized IPA glass to a glass especially for stout you can’t go wrong. The majority of independent off licences have Spiegelau glasses on sale. Prices start from €6.99 for a single glass up to €19.99 for a set of three as seen in Mc Hughs.

Can Koozies are fun. Ever heard of you beer lover talking about bus/train beer? Well these are a great way of keeping your beer cold and preventing your hand warming up your beer. Also works as a novel way of disguising the evidence in public. We’ve a few of these and they’re great. I particularly like this one from BrewDog for approx €5.

Branded merchandise is always a favourite in our household. Why not look up their favourite brewery and buy a t-shirt? Personally for me I love beanie hats and have started collecting them. Whereas Wayne loves T-Shirts like this eight degrees one for €15.00.

Sick of seeing or picking up bottle caps? Or are you saving them in a pint glass not knowing what to do with them. Well why not get a bottle cap map? A great way of saving and displaying those caps. Just like this Ireland Map available for £18.00.

Personalised coasters are a great idea. Not only can they hold your beer glass but they can also decorate your coffee table. So why not design your own with starting at €2.95. Or check out this gorgeous handmade set made out of bamboo by man of beerd. We have a set and I love them.  While we’re talking about decorations, get their favourite beer bottle turned into a candle holder with Pauls Attic Crafts. I surprised Wayne with these last year.

Of course Christmas isn’t complete without a book. First up is Beer and Food by Mark Dredge priced at £14.38. A simple book guiding you on pairing food with beer. Beer School is an introduction into craft beer written by Jonny Garrett priced at £14.95. Brooklyn Breweries Head brewer Garret Oliver wrote Brewmasters Table :Discovering the pleasure of real beer with real food available for £9.99.

Not forgetting the actual beer, there are so many to choose from so why not pop into your local off license and ask for help in choosing a hamper? They’ll have something to recommend for every budget. Make sure to ask for Christmas specials that are being released. But be quick as some of these are popular and will sell out! Most off licenses have put hampers together such as Martins in Fairview, also the beer club and Bradleys in Cork. The guys in O’Briens also have some great gifts available.