Irish Beer Snob Podcast – Episode 3 – Craft Beer Growlers

Here we have the 3rd Episode of the Irish Beer Snob podcast, here we have Janice and Wayne discussing the merits of “Growlers” and how they are a good addition to the Irish Craft Beer scene.

Having intially come across the Pegas system at the Alltech Brews Festival in Dublin, Wayne was excited to see that this has finally reached the retail environment in Dublin 15, in the Carry Out off licence in Tyrellstown Dublin.

There is currently one outlet in Ireland serving Growlers through the Pegas system, and it truly is a great sight to see. Janice and Wayne enjoyed their filled growlers of Black Donkey Sheep Stealer & Metalman Pale Ale with a smorgasboard of cured meats and Irish Cheese.

If you are in the Dublin 15 area then you should call in to Carry Out, and not only do they have the growlers, but a great range of international craft beer in bottle’s and cans.

More info on the Craft Beer Growlers system is at on stockists and how it works

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A Visit to Brewdog HQ in Ellon – Scotland – World Premier of Irish Beer Snob Podcast

So Friday the 22nd of August, was a day that started much earlier than most days.

I had to be up to get the 415 Airport bus to Dublin Airport to go on an excursion to Brewdog HQ in Ellon just outside Aberdeen.

I was going to write a big blog post about this, and the fact is I still might, however i’m bringing this to you in a new medium, by way of Podcast. 

Ian ( has been instrumental in getting me up and runnig giving me both encouragement and cajolling me into getting of my Hamlet style procrastination. How hard can it be?

Well i’ll let you kind readers, and now listeners be the just of that.

On this podcast you’ll hear my thoughts on

  1. My Visit to Ellon
  2. An Interview with Stewart Bowman
  3. A mention for my good friend Sarah Finney who’s started doing VLOG Beer Reviews – she is the First Irish Lady to do this that I know of, so suscribe, like and comment, her URL is not Sfinney as on the podcast
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