Pumpkin Beers for Halloween

When it comes to Autumn many people think of the nights closing in, the weather getting colder and the leaves changing colour. For me, I love Autumn as it means the return of a great seasonal beer, The Pumpkin Ale. Here’s a list of a few that are available for you to try:

Pumpkin Brew Trouble Pumpkin Ale by Trouble Brewing
From the moment I popped open this bottle I was hit with the lovely aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a gorgeous rich amber colour on pour. What I really enjoyed about this one was the sweet spicy flavour. The guys use home grown pumpkins that are roasted before being added to the mash along with their own blended pumpkin spice. This beer is widely available in O’Briens and also on draught in many pubs.

Picture taken from Trouble Brewing

Autumn Ale by Bru Brewery
This beer is brewed using pumpkins grown locally especially for Bru Brewery. It pours a lovely dark brown colour with a hint of red. There is a slight nutmeg and cinnamon aroma with a really nice dry tangy finish. This comes in 500ml bottles available in Supervalu nationwide and independent off licenses.

Post Road Pumpkin Ale by Brooklyn Brewery
This was one of the first pumpkin beers I tried. It’s a lovely orange colour with a light pumpkin aroma. The pumpkins are blended with barley malt which gives this a nice biscuit flavour. There is a lovely crisp finish to this one. Available in 355ml bottles in independent off licenses.

Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter by Red Hook
A pumpkin porter was a first for me. It pours a dark brown colour with a lightly spiced aroma. Brewed using pureed pumpkin with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Maple syrup is added during the fermentation period which gives this a beautiful sweet finish. This is a light bodied porter which is perfect for those chilly evenings.

Long Tongue by Kinnegar
This is one I’m really looking forward to trying. A winter ale with pumpkin and ginger. It’s brewed with pumpkins sourced locally. The beer is typically released just before Thanksgiving. So definitely keep an eye out.

Picture courtesy of Kinnegar

Pumpkin Porter by Mourne Mountain
There is a lovely mild pumpkin aroma to this porter. It pours a nice rich dark colour. On taste you can get the sweetness from the pumpkin but also a mild dark fruit flavour. Its got a nice bitter finish to it that your typical pumpkin beer doesn’t have. When this porter warms up a bit its even nicer! 
Picture taken from Mourne Mountain Brewery

**Will amend post once I’ve sourced the last two beers**
This article was originally published on TheTaste.ie

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