St Erhard – Bamberg – A Kellerbier

So, in a first for me, i’m trying a Kellerbier from Bamberg in Germany. The Brewery is St Erhard, and they are new comers to the blossoming German Craft beer scene. The guys got in touch via my Blog. They are currently looking for distribution in Ireland, and they’ve a guy in Dublin.

As a brewery they are doing something very different, and have started out east, and are now concentrating on building globally. I really look forward to seeing what else they come up with.

We met up in Trinity and I gleefully collected my package, it probably looked very suspicious! Anyway, i’m happy to be writing this post about beer, rather than Manchester United being dumped out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich!

Firstly, lets just tackle the clear bottle, there is a protective film which shields from UV light, and i’m happy to say it seems to have worked. This beer is definitely not lightstruck

The listed malts were Cara Munich, Pilsner, and Vienna and hopped with Tettnanger. The beer carries a light hoppy aroma, and pours dark. There is a lovely light carbonation which helps with the malty and fruity flavour. It pours in at 5% abv. But is beautifully balanced, with no one particular flavour dominating the other. I can imagine supping this during those darker winter months. Hopefully i’ll get to Germany in the future and try in its natural environment.

Currently unavailable in Ireland, you can buy direct from the brewer and it is shipped EU wide for a very reasonable €10.00 delivery charge. The link for the shop is here

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