Pho Viet – Pho Sho’

Vietnamese food, i’ve never had it, often wondered about it, but never had the chance to sample this food before. One of my work colleagues Kevin from Arlington Virginia (yeah near the cemetary) has for months regaled us with tales of Pho, a Vietnamese broth that is like some holy grail for him. I’m glad to say last week i’d the chance to try this for myself.

Pho Viet, a restaurant situated on Parnell St in Dublin just off O’Connell St, is a place that some may view as the wrong part of town, however the number of ethnic restaurants in this area has led to vibrancy and diversity in our fair city. Pho Viet hasn’t gone unnoticed among the food critics and has been very highly reviewed.

The Pho comes with a side dish of bean sprouts, lemon, chillis, mint and basil, along with Hoisin Sauce, and Sriracha – so you can add your own level of sweetness, or spice. 

I went with the Pho Viet Dac Biet – the special, lean brisket, meat balls, and rare steak, usually cut from the eye of the round. The broth is beautifully balanced, and warm, with a bed of noodles at the bottom. Its all about the broth, from some of the recipes i’ve seen online its a two/three day process.

The steak was delicious and i added the beansprouts for extra crunch. My friend Kevin, was so satisfied he had a second bowl. I’m sure he’s trying to get his face on a Wall of Fame which they don’t have there yet. 

Would I go back, absolutely, not only is the food extemely tasty, but extremely reasonable. Yes they have limited Beer/Wine choices, but there are plenty of places you can get your drink on separately this is perfect pre drinking food.

All in all I left 15 quid including tip. Go now and enjoy the Pho. 

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