JW Sweetman – Pub and Microbrewery – Dunkel Batch Launch

In a former life this place was known as Messrs Maguire, is the only pub in Dublin with its own brewery on site. It had been a while since I was last in there, it was definitely still “Messers” when I was last in. Anyway, as is wont in Ireland at the moment the place closed, and was reopened under the name of JW Sweetman.

JW Sweetman (www.jwsweetman.com / @JWSweetman) have a range of their own craft beers, 5 in total. 4 Permanent fixtures, they are The Weiss, The Porter, The Red Ale, The Pale Ale, and a Seasonal. The reason for my visit was the Batch Launch of the Dunkel. Any excuse for a pint and a few nibbles. 

Having arrived early with Mrs Irishbeersnob in tow, we had a pint each. I’d a Pale Ale, she a Red Ale. Now the surprising part, €4 each! This isn’t some early evening trickery, this is the price. Their own beers, €4 a pint. Could this be the best value craft beer experience in Dublin? Now I must say I was mightily impressed with the Pale Ale. Mrs Irishbeersnob was also mightily impressed with the Red Ale. 

So the reason for our visit, the Dunkel, or Dunkelweisse, I must say this was also very very tasty. It poured like a porter, dark and brooding. Looking like a meal in a glass. However once you tasted it, it was light and very flavourful. The darker malts helping give a broad flavour, and well balanced. Weighing in at 5% had a nice alcohol content too. It was also really nice to meet the brewer, who was popping around chatting to people as they enjoyed his finest! 

There was a nice crowd there, a mix of beer enthusiasts, so it was really good to put faces to the twitter handles, and board psuedonyms. There was also a mix of tourists there, and we got talking to a lovely couple from Switzerland, in for a couple of drinks before their early morning flight home. Wonder were there any sore heads that morning.

I’ve a pulled pork sandwich to claim, and am looking forward to when the calendar clears up sufficiently to let me sneak in after work some evening. 

I must pay particular compliment to the staff and Barry who were more than attentive, but also very eager to talk about the JW Sweetman beers. This enthusiasm without being pushy was refreshing to see and you could tell the lads enjoyed their jobs.

One thing as well with JW Sweetman – the purists out there may not agree, but its a place where the craft beer hounds like myself can meet friends who may not be into “it” and like what they know, whether that be Guinness or whatever, and keep everyone happy. 

The food menu looks great too – must get back to try that, and also the bottles of Saltaire Triple Chocoholic which was calling to me. 

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